Date: 10th August 2013 at 1:00 pm
Written by: Alex Hams | Comments (1)

Mika Hakkinen believes that the fight for the 2013 Drivers’ Championship is wide open, but that Lewis Hamilton is not in it.

The two time World Champion – who is currently involved win the career of Valtteri Bottas – highlighted Sebastian Vettel, Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen as the men in the fight.

But, there was no mention of Hamilton, who won the last race in Hungary:

“I think that this season has been very interesting,” he told with

“Of course the tyres have hurt the sport a little bit. Drivers and teams are constantly discussing tyres – it is an ever-present pressure. The race at Silverstone was horrible – with the tyres exploding and leading to many dangerous situations. That makes it difficult to do the job.

“But the fight in the championship is still open and very intriguing for the fans.Sebastian Vettel is doing a great job and so is Kimi Raikkonen, while Fernando Alonso appears not as strong as he would have liked.

“In my experience when your car is working well at high and low speeds it is amazing. But if it only works at high speeds, it is not too good because all the tracks are different. All-in-all it is an interesting season.

“Red Bull has already won three championships in a row and they are very confident. The team is strong and stable in financial terms, they have great designers [too]. Defeating a team like that is very difficult. But let’s see how the situation will develop in the championship [over the final nine races].”

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One thought on “Hakkinen: Hamilton Not in Title Fight

  • Olli
    4 years ago

    Good people of formula1fancast, did you actually read [i.e. google translate] the orginal interview or are you just making stuff up? The reason I’m asking is because no where does Häkkinen say “Hamilton is not in the fight”, but he does say the following:

    “[Mercedes] have done a terrific job. Ross Brawn has once again showed his ability. They’ve done an incredible job, I’m very happy for them, for Lewis and for Nico. The season is still wide open, let’s see what they can achieve.”


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