Date: 6th March 2014 at 4:00 pm
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Formula One teams often use testing as a way to test new concepts on a car. But often new regulations come into force each year to test the teams to the max.

It is always interesting to see if the changes to regulations affect the teams and can they adapt their car.

But the teams at the top get stronger whilst the weaker teams seem to struggle

This year has seen a remarkable change, Red Bull has struggled and Williams who use a Mercedes engine have performed well.

Mercedes have impressed as well as McLaren, but the team Lewis Hamilton joined last season look favourites for the first race and maybe the championship too.

Red Bull have had a disastrous testing period with only Lotus doing fewer miles. The Renault engine, Red Bull is using seems to be so far behind the Mercedes engine. With performance and reliability some of the major concerns.

Brake failure was the latest problem they suffered on the last day’s testing in Bahrain, Red Bull only completing 20 laps in the winter testing period.

McLaren started well, but have slowly tailed off toward the end of the testing and Jenson Button has sounded out his issues

He said: “We’ve done some testing, we’ve been reliable, and we have done some long runs. we’ve got a good understanding of the car,” the 2009 world champion said.

Ferrari has had a quiet pre- season and their car seems to have lacked pace rather than the Italians trying to hide their hand.

I would like Lewis Hamilton to win the driver’s championship this year, but you can never count out Red Bull despite their pre-season troubles.

But I hope Mercedes do well this year, just to keep Formula One interesting.

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