Date: 10th July 2013 at 3:02 pm
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Chicago Bulls star Derrick Rose is in town today opening up a new store in East London.

Rose, who is teamed up with Adidas will be at the Geffyre Community Centre at 4pm opening up the new d rose jump store on Falkirk St. The goal is to continue to build the Rose brand globally with Adidas as well as continuing to recognise the dominance of the NBA.

The event will give a chance to win a pair of the new Rose 3.5 sneakers if they are able to jump ten feet and bring a pair down with a 24 timer.

The Bulls guard, who sat out this entire season with an ACL injury, is on a promotional tour promoting his new sneakers. After stops in Germany, Milan and London today, Rose will make appearances in Belgrade, Zagreb, Paris, Madrid, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Manila. Despite not playing in over a year and missing the London Olympics, the 24-year-old Chicago star continues to become a global icon. With his shoe contract with Adidas, he is almost on the global status level of NBA stars like Lebron James, Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant. Those three, who are sponsored by Nike can be seen in sporting good stores all over the world.

Rose, who after a year of rehab, will be entering his fifth season of play in the fall. He has averaged 21.0 points per game and won the MVP in 2011 after leading to team to a 62-20 record.

Below is his promotional video to his London fans…