Date: 25th September 2014 at 3:23 pm
Written by: tomjones | Comments (0)

For families with young children, life on the road can prove challenging, especially when you’re potentially embarking on a half-term trip away to Norfolk or travelling to the Peak District in search of the escape from the norm.

Cries of ‘Are we there yet’ inevitably echo around your car a mere ten minutes after leaving home and the colouring book or series of quizzes quickly gets chucked beneath the parents’ seats in front.

But these feeble ways to capture your son or daughters’ imagination are often discarded as young children naturally love to explore and discover for themselves.

What may look like endless stretches of hard shoulder, motorway mileage charts and foliage looks completely different to your child, especially for young David during his experience as a young backseat driver.
In David’s imagination, when looking beyond his Dad’s shoulder he can see his rather annoying aunt kissing him far too many times for his street cred.

Around half an hour into the families’ journey, there is a sudden hailstorm and the car’s wiper blades are moving furiously but to David, he sees a giant polar bear launching a giant hailstone in his direction.

Momentarily dazed after his experience, David crashes out to sleep for an hour or so only to wake suddenly with a yell that alarms his parents sitting up front.

But he was only dreaming. Following the polar bear came a giant fearsome fire-breathing dragon but this was merely the piercing sunshine that broke through the clouds following the parents’ successful negotiation of the earlier hailstorm.

Thankfully for David’s parents, their car’s BOSCH wiper blades were invented for real life, not David’s imagination!

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