Date: 16th September 2014 at 11:56 am
Written by: tomjones | Comments (0)

Kevin Durant of NBA’s Oklahoma City Thunder is on a mission. He’s on a mission to scour the globe for the basketball stars of tomorrow.

The NBA is to North America what the Barclays Premier League is to England; it’s the pinnacle of the basketball pyramid in the States; a division showcasing the best of the best.

‘KD’ as he is affectionately known didn’t reach the top by chance; it took hours upon hours upon hours on local courts practicing at shooting hoops until his arms could take no more.

The 25-year-old was once a kid on a court somewhere bouncing a ball, away from the glitzy bright lights of the Chesapeake Energy Arena, unknown to NBA fanatics around the globe.

Always wowing his mates and thinking he was the baddest player alive, he didn’t know it until he got his big break back in 2008.

Making it in the NBA is no mean feat and KD was told he was too skinny, too weak and even too nice but did he listen to this criticism. No chance.

But how can other aspiring b-ball stars follow Durant’s path to stardom? It’s simple, you just have to follow three steps – lace up with the newest kicks from Foot Locker, go find a ball and find a hoop.

And after that when you’re ready, go find the main man KD himself. It’s only after these three clearly defined steps that you’ll be ready to be the baddest!