Date: 12th December 2013 at 12:07 pm
Written by: tomjones | Comments (0)

The Brooklyn Nets are one of the original and one of the biggest basketball teams in America. Basketball players are required to be light on their feet, quick and agile which are all achieved with the help of brilliant trainers. So with adidas launching a new range of trainers, there is no better sports team to dedicate a range of top class trainers to, called the original Brooklyn Nets range, and how do you go about launching such a range? That would be with the craziest launch party London had ever seen, and one that everyone would be talking about for a while.

Body-poppers, cheerleaders, artists, basketball players, party animals, groovers, twerkers, ravers, stripers, pranksters, break dancers, DJs – they were all there and showing their talent. If you thought you had party tricks, your ability to bounce a coin on the table and someone elses drink would have been blown out of the water during this party. What was on-show alongside the talent though were these new trainers. Whether it was someone moon-walking, doing the worm or the display of extreme basketball tricks, all were accompanied by this new range.

See the video below to watch more of this talent being exhibited…

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