Date: 8th October 2013 at 1:12 pm
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who will winWindsuit athletes and racing car drivers – both have a very specialist set of skills, both are dangerous; require training, determination, mental agility and the love of really getting your adrenaline pumping. Put them together and watching them in action gets your own heartbeat up a little…

Peter Pyzera went from gamer to the first ever winner of the Nissan GT Academy, an achievement definitely to be proud of. After watching and supporting the great Schumacher whilst growing up, Pyzera is looking to follow in his fellow countryman’s footsteps and has undertaken the GT Academy Driver development training, where he has excelled at every sharp turn.

On the other end of the, doing dangerous things that potentially cause death, spectrum are wingsuit athletes. In summary, wingsuit athletes wear a special suit, which when they jump off a mountain or something of significant height, allows them to fly down to safety but at some speed. David Barlia has mastered this skill and having won many championships and taken part in numerous dangerous stunts, he is now taking on a new challenge.

Two people from very different sports, with a very different set of skills, meet up. The question that we’re asking: what can get down a mountain in the Alps the quickest- a windsuit athlete or a racing car driver? Using specialist Jukeride equipment, you can measure how much mental strength it takes to perform in such a sport such as windsuit flying, a useful piece of equipment for Pyzera’s future training. What we all want to know though is: who wins?

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