Date: 21st July 2014 at 5:30 pm
Written by: James Sloan | Comments (0)

Despite the fact that Hockenheimring now has to share the German Grand Prix with the Nurburgring, it still remains a fan favourite, especially when it produces spectacles like we saw last weekend.

Two years since it last appeared in F1, the track’s DRS zones provided plenty of overtaking opportunities, whilst many cars made contact with one another out on track.

The first to fall was Felipe Massa, who squandered another high grid slot by retiring on the opening lap for the second race in a row. As cars jostled for track position, there were to be many more little scraps throughout the afternoon.

Aside from that, the differing tyre strategies being implemented also threw the race wide open, with provisional positions often being very misleading.

In spite of the fact that several drivers came together, there were equally breath-taking moments when cars were side-by-side – separated by centimetres – and didn’t touch.

After a hard fought afternoon of racing, here are the top five drivers from the 2014 German Grand Prix.


2) Valtteri Bottas - Grid 2nd Race 2nd