Date: 7th October 2013 at 4:00 pm
Written by: James Sloan | Comments (0)

As the season enters its final phase, the driver’s championship has virtually become a formality. As we have so often seen, Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull have really upped their respective games to come strong in the closing weekends of the calendar.

With typical German efficiency, it seems that Vettel is going to storm to a fourth consecutive world championship, but he is just one of 22 men who are out on the track vying for victory.

With driver line-ups not finalised yet and seats up for grabs, there is still plenty of incentive for faultless performances to be put in throughout the paddock. And we certainly did see that this weekend in Korea, with a couple of slightly unexpected names finishing in the top four.

So to any fans potentially losing a bit of faith in the remainder of the season: don’t worry! There is still plenty of racing to be done before December, and hopefully we will continue to see some fierce competition for places – even if cars aren’t battling for the lead.

Round 14 of 2013 certainly had a lot of drama, thanks to two enforced safety car periods. And a fire car leading round the fastest drivers on the planet was another unexpected site in Southeast Asia.

The transfer window would have been in the mind of practically every driver, so with that incentive in mind, you can click here to find out the top 5 drivers of the Korean GP.